Jewellery Care

Caring for your Jewels

We recommend the following simple things to keep your jewels in top condition.

Every now and then, please give your silver a good rub with a Silver polishing cloth. Sterling Silver will oxidize and this is completely normal, but can be avoided. If you need one we have a good quality polishing cloth for sale.

Gemstones and precious metals don't like acid, heat, salt and various chemicals. Please avoid wearing them while bathing, swimming etc.

Don't sleep with your pretty earrings on, they will be more comfortable tucked away in your jewellery box. When not adorning you, store your jewels in their pouch or box after giving it a nice once over wipe.

Please treat your jewels with loving gentleness that a delicate piece of jewellery requires. Take care not to pull, drop or bang, even Diamond can chip if given an impact from the wrong angle!